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Workability International was pleased to announce the winners of the 2014 Workability International Photo Competition at last week's AGM.

We received 30 photos from 10 countries and the standard of entries was excellent with all images truly showcasing people with disability in socially valued roles.

The winners for 2014:

1st place: Grupo Fundosa, Spain


Judge's comments: A beautifully striking image that captures your attention away from the disability

2nd place: NRCD, Nepal


Judge's comments: A true sense of community through employment is captured in this image

3rd place: Southland Disability Enterprises, New Zealand

Debbie Kent rev

Judge's comments: Triumph and joy shine through in this image of someone who clearly is thriving at work

Highly recommended: Southland Disability Enterprises, New Zealand

Southland 3 rev

Judge's comments: The picture of a great relationship

Thank you and congratulations to all organisations who entered this year. We look forward to showcasing your creativitiy and talent again next year through this competition.

Our thanks also to Daryl Charles of Daryl Charles Photography for his independent judging | www.darylcharles.com 

High school student Arsh Shah Dilbagi recognised that people who could not communicate verbally needed better options. 1.4% of the world’s population is unable to communicate verbally due to a range of disabilities and conditions. Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) options presently available are costly, bulky and not useable to all.

Arsh Shah Dilbagi decided to find a better solution: a device that is more affordable, faster, portable that could be used by all. That’s when he invented TALK which works by translating breath into electric signals using a MEMS Microphone. The user must be able to give two distinguishable exhales, varying in intensity or time, so that they can spell words out using Morse code. The words and sentences are then recorded and synthesised accordingly.

It is now the world’s most affordably AAC device, a great solution for many people looking for this technology.

Watch Arsh Shah Dilbagi's video now.

IF TALK India 190914

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